What, Why & How We Do

Uncompromising product quality and fair market values in today frivolous world

Way Cables aproach

Everything that we love to listen to in our rooms are, in fact, the electric current and sound signals which musical devices deliver – through cables – as music thanks to analogue or digital recordings.

Cables’ function is, above all, to connect the audio system to electric power, and then to enable the transmission of signals creating sound among the components.

Unfortunately, audio components are most often wired, terminated and connected by cables/conductors/plugs, which constitute “bottlenecks” in signal transfer and degrade definition of sound.

Even if we have the best and the most expensive devices and if we use them to listen to a highest-quality music recording, the final sound output will be dramatically poorer if we do not have best conductors and connectors!

Also, if we have the best conductors in inadequate insulation, we will not get the full sound potential from the audio devices, because insulating materials determines the final conductivity and sound characteristics of cables.

Finally, superior conductors with best insulators will provide optimal sound results only if the cable is create in the appropriate configuration and with adequate termination. Everything else is the task of audio devices.

Hence, WAY Cables design solutions are not based on mystical theories but fundamental laws of science and best audio grade materials featuring maximum conductivity, isolation and exceptional sound.

Way Cables Music and Pleasure

To enhance sound it is not always necessary to buy a new and more expensive device. You may enjoy music even more once you release all the hidden potential of audio components, which is exactly what the WAY cables do.

The goal of WAY Cables manufacture is to make ultimate audio cables with the best audio grade materials for conductors, insulators and connectors, which provide perfect sound.

Philosophy of uncompromising product quality and commitment to fair market values in today superficial and frivolous world are foundation of WAY Cables.

Interconnecting, speaker, digital/USB, and power WAY cables elevate the sound and the experience of music to a highest level. For avid enthusiasts, we also fine-tune the systems by replacing internal wiring in devices and speakers.

All WAY cables may be ordered to desired length, thus additionally optimizing the costs.

Value of WAY Cables products is many times higher than their price.

Way Cables design and manufacturing

To design and manufacture WAY cables we use soft solid-core conductors, which are certified in the United Kingdom:

  • Pure silver (with minimum of 99.99% purity, 4N)
  • Oxygen-free high conductivity copper OFHC C10100 (99.997% purity i.e. 4N+)

This is not much of a secret, but many audiophiles are not fully aware that pure copper has 100% signal conductivity while deoxidized OFC copper has up to to 101% conductivity. Certified pure Oxygen-free high conductivity OFHC copper C10100, which we use, has from 101.5 to 102% conductivity. Certified sof-solid pure silver, which we use, has more or equal then 106% conductivity.

On another side, brass and nickel, as the most used and low-cost materials in audio industry, have a conductivity of only 28% and 25%. Rhodium conductivity is just 38% and gold is also lacking with 65% conductivity.

For the conductors and outer cable insulation, we use thick and high density weaving pure cotton, specially made for the WAY Cables and here are the reasons and facts why we use it.

All insulation materials have its Dielectric constant (k) which is relative to a Vacuum (er = 1.00000). Air has a negligibly less constant 1.00054. Therefore, Vacuum and Air with dielectric constant (1.0k) are the basic parameters for determining the permittivity of other materials. Most common insulation materials for the High-End audio cables conductors are different kinds of Teflon with 2.1-2.8k; Polyethylene with 2.2-2.4k; Polyamide with 2.5-2.6k and other materials with weaker dielectric properties.

Pure Cotton, which we use as insulator for all Way cables have 1.3k – almost two-time better dielectric constant than Teflon (2.1-2.8k) or other mostly used insulators. Dielectric properties of Pure Cotton (1.3k) are closest to the Vacuum and Air (1.0k)! Pure Cotton also has the best sound characteristics, natural as his origin.

All WAY cables are designed by our unique damping system from sound vibrations, noise and RFI/EMI/EMF interferences.

WAY cables have best plugs in world today, which are compatible to all aspects of our uncompromising approach and philosophy of making cables.

WAY interconnect cables are terminated with revolutionary KLE Innovations (KLEI) Harmony Phono/RCA plugs, probably the best connectors in the world today, constructed by Keith Louis Eichmann, who is also the inventor and designer of the famous Eichmann Bullet Plug (ETI). KLEI Harmony RCA plugs Pure and Absolute are formed from pure silver to ensure over 106% conductivity (IACS) and have outstanding sonic features. Other two Harmony plug models Copper and Silver are made from high conductivity pure copper with over 101% conductivity and dense plated with high purity silver with 106% conductivity. Both materials, KLEI PureCopper™ and KLEI PureSilver™ have equal and even more superior performance than 99.9999% (6N) declared Copper and Silver.

We also use premium WireWorld XLR connectors with silver-clad OFC tubular pins, DuPont Teflon compound filling, ground isolation ring, silicone tension band and aluminium shell. WireWorls XLR Silver plugs provide up-to 106% conductivity, superior protection against all outer RFI/EMI interferences and excellent sound.

WAY speaker cables are terminated with silver-clad pure copper banana plugs (screw termination without soldering) or 6.3 mm lugs. They are also made by WireWorld and have signal conductivity up-to 106%.

For WAY Cables power cords we use uniquely customized and improved IeGo power plugs (ex-Furutech engineers). IeGo connectors are basically made of 99.99% pure Japanese Furukawa prime grade red copper, which is acid-bathed to remove impurities. Entire connector is deep cryogenically treated at -240°C for 20 hours to relieve internal stresses within the material, improves conductivity and material structure. Japanese company General makes the housing of IeGo plugs of strong PVC. We use IeGo 8055 plugs that are, in our arrangement, dense plated with 4N pure silver and then hand polished (all contacts surfaces, including grounding and bolt nuts). Moreover, enhanced IeGo plugs that we use have additionally custom-made aluminum shells in the function of interference protection. On that way, we have power cables with sensational sound features and unique specification.

For soldering, we use lead-free wire with highest percentage of silver.

WAY cables are packaged in handmade wooden boxes. The name of the product and manufacturer’s logo are engraved on the lid, whereas the interior of the packaging is fitted with natural wool. The buyer also receives a printed brochure with a handwritten authors signature & product serial number.

WAY cables are completely handmade in Belgrade (Serbia) thanks to our European and Australian suppliers, our attentive stuff and everyone who understand and support us in this endless journey.

Way Cables result

During many instances of testing WAY cables on reference Hi-Fi and High-End systems and through comparisons with the cables of world leading manufacturers, our ears convince us that WAY cables have ultimate quality and competitive advantages. It is absolutely certain that WAY cables deliver a more accurate and better sound than several times more expensive competition.

A combination of soft solid-core conductors of pure silver and/or high-conductivity OFHC copper C10100 with pure cotton insulation and our unique damping system design, in a partnership with uncompromising plugs, makes possible for WAY cables to feature various sonic characteristics.

An appropriate selection of WAY cables, depending on the audio device’s sonic character, a maximum performance is achieved and overall sound image in music and HT systems is enhanced.

Way Cables free listening trial

Fans of music and good sound worldwide may go for a listening trial using WAY cables with a prior deposit made and shipping costs paid, but without any purchase obligation.

If you return the cable for any reason in mint condition and original package, within the 14 days of delivery, you will get deposit back and your only expense will be the shipping costs.

Only if you are satisfied with WAY cables, they will remain in your audio system to our mutual satisfaction.